If you look up the word combination retro-futuristic-cosmic-space-synth-techno-disco, in the Encyclopedia Galactica (not available on earthbound amazon), you will find an audiovisual holographic representation of the legendary Italo Brutalo.

        Not convinced yet? Well, it all began a long time ago in a far away mind space, when the visionary musicians George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Yellow Magic Orchestra and Giorgio Moroder met in a higher geometrical dimension during a lucid dreaming session. There, they improvisationally build a shrine that married a Farfisa organ, a Linndrum and an ARP Odyssey. The analog offspring of this cosmic union laid dormant in a rainbownized mothership cocoon, until it crackingly metamorphized, spreading its night club butterfly wings, enveloping the dance floors with pure loving 80’s synth and beat coolness in 2012 a la Italo Brutalo.


        A true believer in the capability of analog synthesizers, Italo Brutalo gets his first EP Paradiso Analogico released on Mozzarella Recordings in 2013. This release took the picture of Italo disco, being produced in a smokey 80’s studio in southern Italy, with is a knackered mixer desk, some fat mono synths covered in dust, a crappy digital effect box and a pre-programmed drum machine that somebody detached from a Farfisa organ that just plays an endless disco beat blasting angry Italo disco from the basement, to a cleaner perfectionist soundscape of the 21st century.

       Keeping his originality, Italo Brutalo releases the EP Systeria on the label Days of being wild in 2014 and the EP Spydor on Nein Records in 2015. By then, he has already done lots of well-hyped remixes for artists such as Kris Menace, Justin Faust, Moonbootica, Auxiliary tha Masterfader, James Rod, etc.

       With a turntable and synthesizer setup like few, Italo Brutalo performs world wide and has paid tribute to his Italo cause on dance floors and festivals, like Zoo Project in Ibiza, Wilde Renate in Berlin, Le Sucre in Lyon and Replicant Knights in Barcelona to name a few.

       Not limiting his skills and passion for his style to remixes, edits, tracks and DJ gigs, Italo Brutalo has also delivered numerous podcast sets to broadcasters such as Berlin Boombox, Death by Repetition, Nu Disco Your Disco, The Robot Scientists and others.

       As always, Italo Brutalo will keep it real, high quality and will keep spreading his original old school synthesizer disco music vibe in the future by taking listeners, night clubs and festival motherships on a truly original voyage.